Our Programs

There is a strong connection between family and classroom so students feel the WRC Nursery School is an extension of their home!

  • Morning half day educational programs

  • Stay for lunch with friends

  • Extend the day and maximize socialization and learning with enrichment opportunities

  • Weekly music classes explore key elements of music while reinforcing literacy with felt boards and finger plays

  • We make going outside a priority because it’s a rich source of hands-on, multisensory stimulation, which is critical to brain development

Our well balanced program incorporates literacy, math, science, investigation, art, exploration, music and motor skills.  Each class provides the next natural step in learning.

Mommy and Me
(Age 1 by October 1) 
It’s all about Mommy at this age!  This class is designed to give caregivers the opportunity to interact with their children and socialize with others through crafts, music, Bible stories, games and other activities.

Transition to Tots
(Age 2 by October 1) 
The Transition to Tots class begins as a Mommy and Me with a caregiver attending the class with the child.  Beginning in January, once the children are comfortable with their surroundings and the classroom routine, caregivers begin to transition out.  At this point, the class becomes a one day Tots class until the end of the year.

(Age 2 ½* by October 1) 
*limited spots are available for children who are age 2 by October 1
Separation is a new concept for most two year olds.  The Tots class is a great first introduction to school.  It focuses on teaching children skills to help them transition away from caregivers and toward independence within our loving community.

(Age 3 by October 1) 
Three year olds are just starting to come into their own!  Whether this is their first experience with school or not, they are developing self-control and working to find their place in the world.  New skills and creativity emerge as children experience our hands-on exploratory curriculum.

(Age 4 by October 1) 
Four year olds are poised and ready for action!  They are developmentally ready to make choices, work together, follow their curiosity and explore the foundations of literacy, math and hands-on science. The academic and social building blocks for kindergarten readiness are provided through structured activities as well as learning opportunities through independent exploration and play.

Transitional Kindergarten
(Age 5 by October 1)
It’s not a race!  Some children need the gift of time before heading off to kindergarten.  Our Pre-K/TK program ensures each child the opportunity for success. Children are given extra time to flourish in our unique learning environment. The repetition and consistency of our curriculum allows each child to develop maturity and his/her unique abilities with the guidance of teachers who know and love them.

Afternoons and Extras
(must be 2 ½ to participate) 
Add more time for fun and friends in the afternoon!  Stay for lunch or extend the day further to maximize socialization and learning with enrichment opportunities.

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