Our History

The Wyckoff Reformed Church Nursery School opened in 1973 as a ministry of the Wyckoff Reformed Church.  It was created to serve the community with a loving Christian based education for young children.  Today, the school’s mission remains the same; to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to begin their journey as lifelong learners.

What Makes Us Special?

The energy and happiness of the children and teachers is evident when walking through the hallways of the WRC Nursery School.  Our goal is to use this positive energy to foster curiosity, self-direction and confidence through social and emotional development, academic exposure and good decision making in each child.  We understand that each child is an individual and a unique being.  For this reason, we nurture, educate and celebrate each child’s distinct needs.  The blend of academics, personal knowledge, and social awareness fostered by our programs enables children to learn to the fullest of their abilities, at their own pace.  

A multi-sensory approach to learning, along with hands-on experiences, provides a stimulating environment for children to gain confidence and thrive. The WRC Nursery School encourages laughter, fun and learning while providing a safe and caring environment that stimulates the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of children.

A Home Away From Home

The WRC Nursery School is a secure, warm and welcoming environment.  The small size allows for it to be a close community where children and teachers care about each other and the world around them.  There is always room for open communication and collaboration between the teachers and families.

Each of our classrooms is large, well-lit and designed to meet the individual needs of our students.  This family atmosphere creates a place where children feel safe and are ready to learn and grow.